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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Are you looking for help with your PPC, search, or display ads? Piltil provide PPC management and PPC marketing services. We can create campaigns that gets results based on A/B Testing as per your business requirement.

What are Piltil's requirements for providing PPC Services?

  • Analytics, Adwords & Other Digital Platforms Rights

  • Past Campaign Feedback

  • Landing Page Optimisation

  • Thank you page & Active Conversion Linker Tags

What is our process for PPC Services?

  • Compititor Analysis

  • Drafting of Search Ad

  • Optimisation based on past records

  • A/B Keyword Testing in Group

  • Need supporting content like images & video supporting Landing Page

  • Follow up for feedback of the leads generated

  • Optimisation as per feedback

Minimum Time: 4 Days after Approval

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