Impact of AI on Digital Marketing | Updated 2022

The impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing is growing, And it is clear that AI will play a more significant role in the future. One application of AI that is already being used in digital marketing is photo processing. AI can be used to improve the accuracy of facial recognition and to identify objects in photos. This can be used to improve the targeting of ads and to create more accurate customer profiles. SAAS like Midjourney & Luminar Neo are already in highlights. Midjourney is an AI Art Generator which can create art from Text. On the other hand Luminar Neo is a AI powered photo editor which helps the user to edit photos like a pro photographer. We all know the reason, the increase in demand for automation made the future of AI strong. But before going further you need to understand some jargon.

AI vs ML vs DL

Meaning of Artificial Intelligence

AI means, when a machine able to perform tasks which would have required human intelligence, such as speech recognition, decision-making, predicting, making perception and taking action.

How AI solves problems with example

AI helps in many places like in Google Maps and Navigation, AI help to understand a person's orientation, compare real or fake traffic on road, which eventually help in predicting precise estimated travel time. In Marketing Industry it help in Ads rejection and approval.

In Entertainment Industry it blocks adult content, spams, fake information based on the data with latest dynamic feedback coming on daily basis.

In Gaming, When computer playing chess with you and taking steps that not guided but learned while even playing with you.

ML vs DL

AI is the big thing while Machine Learning and Deep learning are subsets of AI. ML is about giving machines the ability to learn like humans while DL is the hybrid version of ML.

Difference between Machine Learning & Deep Learning in simple language

Consider preivous example of Facebook creating video out of your images which have only your face. In machine learning, we need to manually give the formula or I say remark for filtering let say an image. While in Deep learning, software finds out new ways through which it can find out who is there in the image and what he is doing. Is it a good thing. Should a kid see this image or not?

Which is costly Machine learning or deep learning?

ML is cheaper than DL, ML can work with less data while DL need more data as it needs to go deep into data. DL needs GPU. There are some other reasons too why Deep learning is not easily executed. But it will be in future.

How AI will impact advertising?

AI can decide your bidding and for achieving your results, it can change spending and even enhance your target audience for delivering better performance. There is another term beside AI that is Programmatic Marketing which means automating ad bidding in real-time, for showing ads as per your targeted advertising target aka Behavioral targeting requirements.

You see sometimes facebook ask you do you want to run this ad, do you want to post a video that is created through your images. And you may be thinking how does the video have only pics with your face? yes, it is Machine Learning.

You see sometimes you search something in your google drives like “cat”. Then only those images come that having a cat and think again you had not even given a name to that pic. And That image is not searched in google they are searched in your drive. Still, AI is helping you.

You want to show your ads near to content that is related to your products. So AI will be improving this on daily basis. Even they approve and rejects your ads. Means you will get faster approvals.

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