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Over 70% of buyers research before choosing any service provider. Have you implemented a lead generation strategy?

What is Piltil's pricing model for their lead generation services in Delhi NCR?

Piltil charges a fixed monthly fee starting at Rs. 10000, which varies for different clients based on their requirements. Our agency costs can also include variable costs that are dependent of lead requirements.


Disclaimer: We do not charge on per-lead basis.

How much experience does Piltil have in lead generation?

Piltil has over 10 years of experience in lead generation, helping numerous clients increase their customer base and drive conversions. Piltil Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd. was incorporated in 2017. Our expertise in following up with clients requirement, creating targeted campaigns and optimizing lead capture strategies sets us apart in the industry.

In which industry has Piltil successfully generated leads in India?

Piltil has successfully generated leads in industries such as education, automobile, interior, architect, real estate, logistics and more. Our diverse experience allows us to adapt our lead generation strategies to various sectors within the Indian market.

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