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Lead Generation Services in Janakpuri, Delhi

Complete Lead Generation Services are made for acquiring & nurturing leads through Target Marketing, Landing Pages, Email, Blogs, and Retargeting Ads, for selling the first sample product or service.

Lead Generation Services

What is required for Lead Generation Services?

  • A website where the product or service is described.

  • Access to past pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing

  • Ad Budget for A/B Testing

Process for providing Lead Generation Services

  1. Evaluate the Existing B2B & B2C Lead Generation Process.

  2. Try to check the possibility of account-based marketing

  3. Creation of Customised Content

  4. Distribution of content Across the Platform

  5. Nurturing Leads

  6. Follow up for Cross Sales vs Up Sales

Minimum Time: Min 1 Month with PPC

Complementary: Landing Page Optimisation

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