Values that guide your thoughts and actions for a better life

Values that guide your thoughts and actions for a better life

If you are living, you are doing something. And if you are doing nothing, still you are doing something. So what you do, what you don’t do, how you do everything reflects your values. And many people use a different word for it. Organisation also has that. You may even refer to the philosophy of Google.

Values that guide your thoughts and actions for a better life

  1. Accept fear, try things that you should

  2. Do not react, try to respond with thoughtful words

  3. Try to share something that you learned from your practical experience. Because practical experience matters and imagination many of times creates dilemma and wrong belief.

  4. Appreciate people where you should. Share feedback. Avoid Complaining.

  5. Think from another person’s perspective, Like while playing with ants, you put things before them to see now what they will do. That may be a play for you, but think if someone put his car in front of you while you are driving.

  6. Be good with people and with yourself.

  7. Whenever you are listening to anyone, then set aside your opinion for a while. In this way, your mind will not build negative energy within you. Everyone has their belief, you may be right, or they may be right. It is not about telling their mistake. It is about sharing your thoughts with them in a positive manner. So they realise. All that matters is positively putting your thoughts. You should not compel someone to follow your thoughts right away. Everyone takes different time in understanding sometimes. It would be best if you respected the time they need.

  8. Want to solve a problem, if your logic did not work, Be open to observing others, try to self experiment their logic to some extent, and review the impact. If you find it is not working for you. You may ignore that. Open to everything for listening

  9. Don’t judge the entire community for the wrong work of one person in the community. All five fingers will never be the same.

  10. Do something for people selflessly / unselfishly. It allows you to get selfless love for the world, and your soul can rest in peace.

  11. Know your value, and practice your values. It will work great if you live your values. As you practice and it becomes your habit, you will live it.

  12. Keep asking questions yourself. It allows you to understand the reason for existence.

  13. Try to work for yourself. As you can work for others, you don’t know how to work for yourself.

  14. If you have wings & you can fly, then you should fly. No Matter whether you are a mosquito, sparrow, eagle or vulture. What matters is you are putting effort.

  15. Be more active in small activities, so that you can achieve your big goal.

  16. Don’t just dream without an action plan for a long time.

  17. Improvise your control over digital things. Most of the digital stuff has machine learning algorithms which improvise themself and do not let you go away – are you improvising your control?

  18. Set Goals. Understand Your horse (mind) can take you anywhere. & when you don’t guide, it will reach nowhere. What is life? Life is a story of a soul who blames the mind for the outcome. But the horse is innocent. He will do what his owner wants him to do.

  19. Improvised where you should, and takes notes.

  20. Take responsibility where you should.

Have Faith in people so that they can overcome their problems. If someone is not correcting themself, then show trust in them. As your trust empower them, and if they take responsibility, they will achieve. Believe in them.