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Youtube FAQs

What is Vlogmas?

Vlogmas in youtube means vlogging on daily basis for 25 days from 1 December till 25 December. So, in December, when you show yourself to your followers for continuous 25 days called Vlogmas. It is famous from around 2011.

You can say it is the first Vlogmas on Youtube.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging means recording your daily life and uploading on daily basis. So what is vlog? Vlog is about your uploading content daily on something it could be for niche

The main problem comes to a Youtuber when they having the country-specific audience. It means you are living in the same country and having people of the country. As Youtuber find it tough to upload Video on the same day and at the same time audience is unable to view it on the same day.

But in this video, this Youtuber is lucky that he lives in China and having American audience.

What are ways for making money on Youtube?

Ways for making money on Youtube

  1. Monetising though YouTube Partner Program Aka Google Adsense)
  2. Selling Merchandise
  3. Giving Consultancy for the particular niche problem
  4. Shout out new brand and charging small sum
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Making Authority in your industry for building a business in future
  7. Brand Deals or Brand Review
  8. Sponsors Tie-up
  9. Selling courses
  10. Selling tickets through showing only Trailer and song on youtube and selling subscription and membership
  11. Writing a Book/ebook once having an awesome following base on youtube
  12. Private Membership
What is Super Chat in live streams?

This feature was announced in Jan 2017. Super Chat allows to Youtuber to earn when they are live streaming with their fans. When you are live on youtube you will allow your fan to purchase Super Chats to highlight their messages within your live chat stream so that their words will be visible to more viewers who are watching your content. The comment will be having different colours. And how much time the comment will be highlighted and length of character depends on how much viewers want to spend. You can also choose your different payment method like PayPal etc.

There are some eligibility criteria for Super Chat.