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YouTube Consultant & Advertiser

I am Manish Sharma, a consultant and advertiser for corporate YouTubers since 2017. As a YouTuber, You should give direction to your channel. Growing your viewers and online earnings is a great goal to have, but why do some people succeed and some don't? Becoming an influencer takes more than just putting out good content. In order to achieve true YouTube success, you need to have a plan and know what you're doing.

Contact Manish via WhatsApp or give him a call to have a discussion about the key components of achieving success as a YouTuber and building a sustainable brand on YouTube.

Who are YouTube Consultants?

A YouTube consultant is a professional who helps businesses and individuals to plan, create, design and market their videos on YouTube. They can help with many things from choosing topics, planning scripts, suggestions for viewer retention and video editing after reading analytics. They also help you with video optimisation for increasing search engine visibility. Many consultants also offer SEO (search engine optimization) services to help videos rank higher in search results.

The work can also include deep marketing decisions like where to spend first on AdWords or Shout out. As it is not necessary that only influencer marketing can help a channel to grow. After testing it will be clear that a channel can grow with

YouTube consultants can work with clients on an annually, monthly or project basis. This can be for consultancy or suggestions for creating a new channel or for helping clients in rebranding an existing channel. They may also provide advice on how to produce engaging content that will appeal to viewers and help to grow the audience for the client’s videos.

In addition to working with clients directly, YouTube consultants also offer training on how to use the platform effectively via screen sharing.

Why do you need Youtube Consultants?

A good YouTube consultant can help you save time and avoid costly mistakes. They can help you with things like reducing Cost Per View, Save Money, Increase Partnerships, Search Engine Optimisation, and creating effective marketing campaigns and landing pages if needed. Additionally, they can provide valuable feedback and advice on how to improve your videos.

While for corporates YouTube Consultant does more than that. Corporates need more conversions. And they are increasing their spending on YouTube as a substitute for TV advertising. The role of the YouTube Consultant is to reduce the spending, so clients can get more reach and engagement in the same amount which eventually helps them in growing their ROI.

What is the future of YouTube as per YouTube Consultant?

In the past, if you wanted to start a business, you would need to rent or purchase office space, hire employees, and invest in advertising and marketing. However, in today’s digital age, there are many ways to start a business with little to no overhead costs. One of these methods is starting a business through YouTube.
There are many benefits to starting a business through YouTube. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it’s free! However, there is an opportunity cost as well. You can create a channel and upload videos without paying a cent. Additionally, because YouTube is such a popular platform, your videos have the potential to reach a large audience.
Now we come to the main question. What is the future of YouTube? As you are able to understand, the advantage of using YouTube for your business is that it provides an opportunity to build relationships with customers. Through videos, one can create a connection with your viewers and provide them with valuable information and insights about their products or services. It has also opened new areas of growth for affiliate marketers and influencers.

TV viewership is declining and YouTube is growing. Self-hosted content is the future of television. Viewers of all ages are increasingly choosing to watch videos on YouTube over traditional TV channels. There are several reasons for this trend. First, online videos are more convenient to watch than TV. Viewers can choose what they want to watch when they want to watch it, and they don’t have to deal with commercials. Second, online video content is often more entertaining and engaging than traditional TV programming. Finally, YouTube offers a wider variety of content than traditional TV channels. Therefore it is able to beat even the TV industry.

Do YouTubers have managers?

No, all YouTubers don't have managers. And I myself guide YouTubers to maintain their channel themselves and hire consultants for content planning or for marketing. But yes if they have enough extra funds or they have an extra source of income or they don't want to do some clerical work,  they do hire managers for their channels.

But before hiring a manager, I guide them to hire a good YouTube Consultant. As this is one of the best things a YouTuber can do to help grow their channel. A good consultant will be able to help with things like growing the channel's audience, creating and executing a content strategy, and negotiating sponsorships and other deals.

Not all YouTubers need or want a consultant, but for those who do, they are able to save their time and money as well.


What is the Process?

YouTube Managers are online for you most of the time. We have good knowledge of YouTube channel management. We even solve the problem online. It hardly matters that we are able to meet as we do everything online. Although we having our office in District Center, Delhi, India. But we provide online services globally.
First, we convert your simple channel to a brand channel and then manage the YouTube channel. However, if you want some quick fix in your channel we do it through online access.
We are Available on Call, WhatsApp, and keep exploring more easy options as per requirement.


Don't Go as Full Time YouTuber in Starting

Let me tell you one thing when we discuss good results, new YouTubers leave their jobs and start uploading content on YouTube but you should control your excitement. Earning and views will not come just when we touch your channel.

It involves continuous management, content uploading, and analysing viewers' behaviour like why a group of people will click any content and how to show them this is where you should click.

This is one of the oldest results of the channel for which we worked & providing consultancy. It is more than 5 years old. We are into this work for many years. We know where many of the new YouTubers do mistakes while uploading content on their YouTube channels. As we keep tried different experiments in past with regard to views, subscribers, and viewer retention. We are able to give good suggestions to brands. We keep on trying new and different things for better results. So we know what works and what does not work.


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Frequently Asked Question

How much time does it take to see results?

Branding results are available in 5 days while good views and other related results may take 6 months.

When will I not get what I want?

When you do not follow what is suggested.

Note: Everything said above is subject to many things like YouTube keeps changing its algorithm but it happens occasionally. But competition is increasing day by day. So it always better to keep work on sustainably with long term planning.

Is YouTube Earning enough for leaving your life?

Absolutely No, Now you will say I know a person living on YouTube earning. See just take a deep breath and see on YouTube how these people cry on youTube when they loss their YouTube Income.

How YouTube Channel helps in Sales?

You can target any specific group as your prospective customer. As you can see in the images given below by uploading content strategically you build your audience and the strange thing is they will come automatically. You need not advertise as you do on TV. But you need to make a long-term strategic plan.
If you want quick results then you should advertise. One awesome thing about advertising on YouTube, you can really build a good audience if you have money.


Target Customer on YouTube

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