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11 IELTS Coaching Marketing Tips by Search Ad Agency in Delhi

Piltil's goal is to generate leads for IELTS coaching centers through running search & display campaigns. If you have dedicated time to posting on social media, you may have discovered that it's insufficient for scaling your IELTS coaching business. So we should understand why search ad is important for IELTS business.

Here are 11 marketing tips for IELTS coaching provided by Piltil, a search ad agency in Delhi. These tips can help in promoting and attracting potential students to your IELTS coaching center.

  1. Finalize keywords and list relevant and high-performing keywords after running ads. The ad agency may choose to run it as a separate phrase or use exact keywords for optimizing the performance.

  2. Posting on social media alone may not effectively reach the target audience of IELTS coaching institutes because most of the target audience is under 18 years old. Many people believe that students will spend most of the time to social media apps. However, before enrolling in a course, the majority of students spend considerable time on YouTube seeking out educational content and conducting research.

  3. Your landing page misses important information about the course fees. Though you may want to hide, it is advised to share starting range. Besides, you can provide more detailed information about your IELTS offerings, faculty expertise, teaching methodology, and infrastructure. This information is important for potential students. The campaign can also be designed in a way that offers a tantalizing glimpse of information, enticing students to visit the landing page.

  4. Regularly analyze and optimize your search and display campaign by pausing underperforming ads, adjusting bids, and testing different ad variations. For example, an ad copy with the word certified IELTS trainer may have worked better than an ad copy with words like Learn from Industry expert.

  5. The number of students who passed IELTS after enrolling into your institute can also be added to the ad copy. And do you ever wonder why the online presence of your coaching institutes fails to reach the necessary level of credibility and trustworthiness? It is recommended to have easy access to reviews and testimonials from current students in order to make informed decisions.

  6. Include a video of yourself or a representative in the ad copy and landing page. This will enable direct interaction and personalized communication with potential students. You may consider addressing their specific queries, understanding their needs, and building a strong rapport.

  7. Discuss with your advertising agency to generate hook & ideas for your IELTS landing page. It can give your visitors short-term engagement and instant gratification, and later on you can guide a bit and pitch your course details.

  8. Utilize ad extensions such as using result pages in site links, numbers of students cleared in callouts, and provide additional information like fees in headlines. There is a character limit of 30 for headlines and 90 for description lines, so it is advised to review the ad copy created by the ad agency.

  9. Ensure you review conversion tags on landing pages regularly. To achieve your campaign goals, it's important to track its performance and make adjustments based on past conversion data. Keep updated about GA 4 & GTM changes.

  10. Combining display ads and search ads is a powerful strategy to expand your audience reach. By placing display ads on multiple IELTS test practice websites and apps, you can effectively engage a broader range of potential customers.

  11. Prefer hiring an ad agency for search and display campaigns. If you don't have a marketing agency and can't spare the time to optimize your IELTS campaigns, consider hiring Piltil. We specialize in running ads. We constantly add negative keywords to your campaigns to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant searches and ultimately save you money on ad spend. We constantly keep ourselves informed about the latest search ad best practices and industry updates to ensure continuous improvement of your campaigns.

Piltil is your coaching marketing agency in Delhi. We provide search ad (PPC and Display ads) services to coaching institutes in Delhi NCR, India. You can discuss with Manish if you are interested to market your coaching business.

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