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20 Search Ad Tips for DSSSB Institute Marketing Agency in Delhi

If you're looking to boost the search visibility of your Coaching Institute in Delhi NCR, this blog post is a must-read. In this post we are focussing on DSSSB Institutes. DSSSB institute needs our support for lead generation based on their faculties and counselors needs. Piltil is a search ad agency in Delhi and runs search ad campaigns for DSSSB Course.


DSSSB stands for Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board, a board in Delhi responsible for recruiting educational individuals for various posts in the government educational departments. The positions are PRT (Primary Teacher), TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher), and PGT (Post Graduate teacher).

The eligibility criteria for DSSSB in 2023 vary depending on the position of PRT, TGT, and PGT, as well as the age limit. Students who are looking to prepare for a specific position and are searching for DSSSB Coaching Institutes can do so based on their qualifications and written skills.

Tips for Marketing of DSSSB Institute

  1. Use relevant keywords like DSSSB Classes as a phrase keyword and keep yourself limited to your ideal audience. There are other relevant keywords as well, keep refining your keywords.

  2. Create compelling and engaging ad copy that highlights the benefits of your institute. Words like notes can be added as negative keywords. But they can be used in landing pages as that increases relevancy.

  3. Discover the unique selling proposition of our DSSSB Institute. It could be special faculties and teachers you have, experience, past results or track record of your coaching center in other competitive exams.

  4. Make sure your landing page matches your ad message. Include relevant information and ask students for more details.

  5. Utilize ad extensions to provide additional information and increase visibility. You may have small separate pages like for PRT, TGT, and PGT.

  6. You can use these separate positions and conduct A/B testing to optimize your ad performance and drive better results.

  7. Set clear goals and track your ad impression regularly to measure the result. While the Return on Investment for your campaign may become clearer over time.

  8. Make use of location targeting to reach potential customers in your desired area. Otherwise, you can spend your budget in a hurry on generic keywords like DSSSB answer key.

  9. Utilize remarketing tactics to target and convert users who have previously interacted with your DSSSB Landing pages.

  10. Be mindful of your ad budget and allocate to specific course strategically to maximize your ROI.

  11. Stay updated on the marketing strategies of other DSSSB institutes by monitoring your competition search ads.

  12. Use ad scheduling to display your ads at times when your target audience is most active. Many times students search on specific days. You can increase follow up on those days.

  13. Leverage ad tracking tools to obtain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions based on the engagement on the landing page of DSSSB course.

  14. You may also run display ads on DSSSB blogs, test paper website and YouTube channel which are teaching DSSSB. For this, use ad targeting options like demographics and interests to reach the right audience.

  15. To improve your focus on finding the "Best DSSSB Institute in Delhi," it is more effective to concentrate on using "near me" keywords. This way, you can target students who have the intention of enrolling. Moreover, implementing ad retargeting campaigns can help you re-engage potential customers and boost conversions in hyperlocal areas.

  16. Optimize your ad landing page for mobile devices to cater to the more DSSSB students as mstudentstudent use mobile for searching.

  17. Experiment with different ad formats and placements to find the most effective ones for your campaign. Search for influencers who specialize in DSSSB courses. Many times, students create pages or YouTube channels, but they are not interested in teaching. They simply want to create content, and they do not have vision to become educational institutes.

  18. Optimize your ad copy by incorporating phrases like "Batch Coming Soon" and "Limited seats left" to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Like this you can utilize ad headline solutions like personalization and urgency to grab attention and increase click-through rates.

  19. Plan and keep changing the structure of DSSSB campaign. Keep your focus and narrow ad separate with your wide or broad ad. Monitor and analyze your ad performance regularly to identify areas of improvement and optimize your strategy accordingly.

  20. If you are unable to devote time to these tasks, you may hire Piltil for this as we keep adding negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing up in irrelevant searches and save on ad spend. We stay up to date with search ads best practices and industry updates to continuously improve your campaigns.

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